3 Tips on Selling in a Sellers Market

In a Seller’s market, inventory is low, and homes generally move quickly.

Here are 3 things you can pass on when selling your home in a Sellers Market.

1. Your kitchen is really outdated.

The cupboards are whitewashed oak, the countertop is a butcher block laminate and the appliances looked great when they were new many years ago. Today’s buyers know what they want their kitchen and bathrooms to look like. Buyers look forward to working with their designers to work on the style and colours for these important spaces. What you may want in remodelling and renovating may be nothing like what the buyer has in mind. These are very expensive areas to remodel and people have differing opinions about what makes a perfect kitchen or bath. Unless you know exactly the buyer’s tastes – don’t risk getting this one wrong. What if the kitchen is really dated? Should I just do some partial remodelling of the space? No! Never! Redoing partially such as adding a new countertop just highlights the old. Leave the room as is or redo the entire room.

2. Repainting with this seasons in vogue colours.

While this season’s bright turquoise blue looks very modern it is trendy and may appeal to only a portion of the buyers. Choose a neutral colour that offends no one. This allows the home to look fresh and will appeal to the majority of buyers. After all, most likely the Buyer is going to repaint in colours they personally like.

3. New flooring.

Hardwood flooring is what most buyers want, but that doesn’t mean you should rip up the carpet and put hardwood in a room or two. Again, flooring is a personal item and while you may like the look of stained maple flooring with a high sheen, the buyer may want hand-scraped hickory or to replace the carpet with a nice Berber. Unless the carpeting is torn or stained, it is best to vacuum and shampoo it and leave it.


3 Things not to forget when selling your home in any market.


1. Stage your home.

 The way we live and the way we sell are very different. Staged homes appeal to more buyers and bring more money than a home that has not been staged. Staging can be as simple as decluttering and furniture rearrangement to removing your furniture and replacing it with modern, updated pieces that will show the space of the home.

2. Hire great cleaners.

A home that looks and smells clean appeals to all buyers. Appliances, countertops, toilets, floors and windows should all sparkle. A good cleaning is one of the best things a seller can do before putting the home on the market.

3. Listen to your agent!

You have hired a full-service professional to market your home. Don’t reject the advice of an experienced successful listing agent, they sell many homes, and they know what works and what doesn’t. No second-guessing – you have put your faith in your realtor, now let them do what you hired them to do – Sell your home.

©2022 Jay Richardson