Should I Have a Home Inspection?

Do I Really Need a Home Inspection?

It can be tempting to forgo a home inspection, especially if the home you are buying looks to be in perfect condition and inspection is just another cost to juggle.

Be Wise – Have an Inspection

But be wise and NEVER skip an inspection. It is far better to pay the $400-$600 for a home inspection than to forgo the inspection and pay thousands for a new septic a year later.  A home inspector is a trained professional with a broad knowledge of houses and general construction. A home inspection is a vital part of all residential real estate transactions.


Today’s inspectors use high-tech electronic reporting systems and sophisticated diagnostic testing equipment. The inspector starts on the outside and goes through the entire home inside and out from the basement to the attic to the roof and outside to the septic. They will note minor items such as missing eaves,  faulty GFI plugs, hot and cold-water lines that are reversed, windows with seals that are missing, etc., and the not so minor items such as a load-bearing wall that’s been removed, a roof that needs to be replaced, moisture issues in the walls, foundation problems, etc. Some issues are serious and very costly to repair.

Even if your inspection only turns up a few minor items, it is nice to have peace of mind when buying a home. Better to have too much information than not enough when making one of the most expensive purchases of your life.





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