4 tips when buying a cottage

4 Tips when Buying a Cottage

There is no perfect cottage.

You always need to give up something. Consider what is a non-negotiable must-have and what would be nice to have as you start your search.

With this in mind, here are the first four things to consider when buying a cottage.


1. Location, location, location. Do you want privacy in a peaceful and tranquil setting with no motorized boats? Would you prefer a larger lake for watersports and wakeboarding? Do you value being near conveniences such as shopping and restaurants? First, identify your needs and narrow your options.

2. Do you want to be able to use the cottage in all seasons? You might also consider renting the cottage out in winter. You might also consider renting the cottage in the winter months. Although winterizing a cottage can cost more in terms of insulation,  windows and plumbing, a winterized cottage will generally be valued higher than a seasonal one.

3. Water and septic systems. Potable water and a working septic system are two things you must have when you move into your cottage. For mortgage companies, water potability is essential. The cost of installing septic systems in mainland
cottages on easily accessible lots (islands, drilling granite stone increasing the price) is currently between Twenty-Five and Thirty-Five thousand Dollars, so you don’t want to incur this expense early in your ownership.

4. Research is important. Knowing what you can do with your waterfront – Is the waterfront shore road allowance owned? Can you build a boathouse and if so, how big can it be? Can you expand your cottage in the future? What is the internet service like at the cottage and so on.

If you are starting your search for a cottage in North Muskoka/ Lake of Bays, we would love to help you with your search.  


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