5 Things Sellers Don’t Want to Hear

The time has come to sell your home. The decision is made, and now the work begins because selling a home is stressful and lots of work. If only it was as simple as a sign on your lawn – but it’s not. Things you don’t like to hear from your listing realtor. 

Here are five things you may not have thought of when you sign that listing agreement. 


1. Too Much Stuff

What to do with all your “stuff .” You have been gently decluttering for the past couple of months and have gotten rid of lots of stuff, but whoa – your realtor says there is still so much more that needs to go. Yes, those grade school trophies you have had for 40 years and lots more ancient collectibles. This is where your realtor can help – they can recommend those that know who can lend a hand helping declutter, and they have a list of spots where all the excess “stuff” can go. 

Packing to move

2. The Stager Recommended What?

Although the stager doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, they often don’t have a filter, and you may be told all the things that need to be done to make your home appeal to as many buyers as possible. Remember, the stager is a professional, and they know what catches the attention of today’s buyers. The way we live in our homes and how we sell them are very different. Just relax; the stager’s job is to make your home very appealing to sell it for the most money in the least amount of time. 


Before and After Staging


3. The Introduction

The buyer will first be introduced to your property online. If your home doesn’t shine and reaches out to grab attention, the buyer won’t be booking a showing appointment. Professional real estate photography is critical to show your home in its best light.

Real Estate professional photos




4. Keeping It Perfect

Once staged and photographed, your home or cottage must stay that way for showings. This means you may miss long weekends at the cottage, but the property must be available and show-ready for buyers. Once you decide to list your property, the property must always be available to be seen. No family functions and definitely no rentals. Studies show that if a buyer is denied seeing a property on their schedule, 60% of those buyers will not try to rebook. 

No rental while selling



5. Bidding Wars Don’t Always Work

Bidding Wars don’t always work! You’re in a Seller’s market, and according to real estate reports in the newspapers, it seems every property is sold in competition. Not true! Getting multiple offers takes finesse – it depends on the property, location, other cottages in competition, and the asking price. Your agent will work closely with you to determine the best marketing strategy. 

Bidding War




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