An Affair of the Heart

Dear Toronto,

I’m having an affair of the heart. I need to finally confess. I’m cheating on you…. emotionally that is.  The feeling is strong; we’re growing apart emotionally.  I’ve been spending time with another and I’m falling in love.

I started seeing Lake of Bays, Muskoka on weekends this summer. I was spending Friday nights relaxing on the dock with a glass of Chablis watching the sun slowly set and feeling a peace deep within my soul. Saturdays I spent swimming and boating. Lately, as winter set in, I discovered the quiet, snow-covered solitude of the lake. I spend my Saturday’s cross-country skiing, skating, and sledding before relaxing in front of a crackling fire with friends and family. Sunday mornings I sleep in before a luxurious long walk along the beach in Dwight. I felt it today – I really wasn’t looking forward to coming home to you. I packed lazily – stretching out the day before I loaded the car and started the return trip southbound on the 400.

Truthfully, I never meant for this to happen. I was so in love with you, I thought your hustle and bustle energized me. But things are changing, and I think I am ready for this change of pace. Driving home late Sunday afternoon I imagined what our conversation would be. It would go something like this:


~ soft music begins ~

Me: Toronto,  we need to talk. (pause and emotional sigh) I’m leaving you. I’m having an affair.

Toronto:  How did this happen?

Me: It was quite innocent, I didn’t mean for it to happen.  It started as weekend trips.

 Toronto: So that is where you are spending all your weekends? In Muskoka? One Lake of Bays!

Me: Yes, it’s true.

Toronto: Have you really fallen in love? Maybe it is just infatuation? A short-term fling?

Me: I really have fallen hard. It is not short-term I’m sure.  I have a meeting with a realtor on Wednesday to list the house. I have decided life is too short and I need to think about what is best for me.

Toronto: Do you still love me?

Me:  Of course, you were my first love and I will always want to spend some time with you, but Toronto you’ve changed. The hustle and bustle has become rowdy noise and the traffic is horrendous.  The commute to the office is a killer now. I leave the house just after dawn and I’m not home until dusk.  Although I love so much about you and your energy, it might be time for me to explore this new path.

Toronto: You have changed as well.

Me: Yes, that’s true. I spend the Go Train commutes searching for all the new Muskoka cottage listings.  I’m on Pinterest scanning and saving Lake of Bays Virtual Tours and Lakeside Living pins. On Wednesday, I start dreaming about Friday and getting to the cottage when I’ll put the fire on, and look up at the night sky filled with a million twinkling lights. I’ll smile as I relax and feel the stress leave when I’m back at the lake. I love the lifestyle – it’s about home and family.

~ sad music fades ~

To all those that are having an affair or thinking of having one with Lake of Bays, Muskoka – we understand. We have been there. This isn’t a spot where one just becomes infatuated – oh no – you will end up head over heels with your new, simpler and slower lifestyle. Time for work, friends & family. If you are ready to take the plunge we are here for you.


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