Muskoka Real Estate Update

North Muskoka Market Update January 2022

A lack of available waterfront properties continues to have a large impact on the Muskoka and North Muskoka real estate markets. Buyer demand is robust but without an increase in available listings, the current Seller’s market will continue with prices expected to rise again in 2022.   

Winning the Bidding Wars

When looking at ways to win the real estate bidding wars and achieve your dream spot, I recommend making your offer as clean as possible. First, see your offer as a Seller does? If you are the Seller would you look favourably at the offer you are submitting?  In a…

Should I Sell My Cottage Now?

Supply & Demand Currently, we're in a market that is based on supply and demand microeconomics. According to Wikipedia, this model states simply that in a competitive market, the price for a particular good will vary until it settles at a point where the quantity demanded will equal the quantity…

District of Muskoka Cottages For Sale By Town

Here is a list of the number of cottages for sale in towns in the District of Muskoka: Algonquin - 1 Bala - 6 Baysville - 18 Bracebridge - 29 Burk's Falls - 1 Dwight - 7 Foots Bay - 1 Georgian Bay - 12 Glen Orchard - 1 Gravenhurst…

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