Opening the Cottage

Spring Ritual

The May long weekend ritual of opening the cottage is a long-standing Canadian Tradition. For Lake of Bays and Muskoka cottagers, the May long weekend is the quintessential date for opening up your cottage for the summer season. Of course, this is one of the most exciting times of the year and as the anticipation builds, memories made from past summers at the lake swirl in your mind as you begin to prepare for yet another summer season.

The beloved ritual of escaping to a lakeside summer retreat has been around for generations, especially when it comes to the most sought after cottaging area, Muskoka and Lake of Bays. It has been a part of many families’ heritage, with some cottages being passed down since the 1800s. Similar to the lacework-like nature of waterways and lakes in the area, a diverse mix of people and lifestyles mingle together for the summer with one common denominator, relaxation. Their goal is to seek tranquility and to quell the distractions of the modern world and busy city life.

Opening the Cottage – The warmth of Summer to Come

Even though the level of comfort varies from rustic to luxurious, and all levels in between, the warmth and free-spiritedness of summers spent in Lake of Bays are contagious and shared between all who experience it. From lazy days on the dock, nightly campfires, card nights and adventures on the water, memories made during a cottage summer will live on through generations to come.

New Memories and Experiences

So by now, you’ve probably started your checklist for opening up your cottage, or maybe you’ve been adding to your checklist all year long. Either way, we hope that the preparation isn’t daunting or worrisome, it should be exciting. After all, these labours of love for your family cottage always pay off in ways that far exceed the little hassles involved with them. It is worth every second and every penny knowing that new memories and experiences await, from fireworks over the glassy lake to starry nights on the dock.

Although tablets and cell phones may be present at the cottage, they won’t possess the same allure that they do back home. Nature, in all its glory, will reign over scrolling Facebook feeds or playing video games. True homemade feasts while laughing and storytelling with friends and family around the dinner table will take the place of hurried weeknight meals, and reading that novel that you have been meaning to do for months, will now come easily.

Make planning and preparation fun, maybe you could even get your children involved. Not only will they become even more excited about the summer ahead, but they will also begin to understand the importance of keeping the cottage a safe and comfortable place. And, maybe, just maybe, they’ll begin to look forward to opening up the cottage for their children someday.

As the days creep by and you prepare for opening your cottage for the 2019 summer season, remember to periodically pause and reflect on what all the work is meant for and think ahead towards another fun, relaxing Lake of Bays experience.


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