Final Inspections are Important

As a buyer, you had a home inspection when you purchased the house, so do you really need to do a final walk-through inspection? The answer is Yes. It may have been weeks or perhaps months since you completed your agreement of purchase and sale. The purpose of the final inspection is to ensure that the property and any chattels included in the sale are in the same condition as agreed when you made your offer to purchase.

The final walk-through allows the buyer to confirm that the appliances are there and working, check the garage door openers, make sure the light fixtures and window coverings are there, and all trash and debris has been removed from the house.  All items included in the agreement of purchase and sale should be there and in working order. Everything else should be removed.

In the event of unexpected issues such as items that were in the agreement of purchase and sale that are missing appliances not workings, damage to the property, or trash and debris left behind, the buyer needs to speak to their lawyer right away before the closing takes place. Both the Buyer’s and Seller’s lawyer will work to find a resolution and allow the sale to close.


This final walkthrough gives the buyer peace of mind and makes sure there are no unpleasant surprises when the deal closes and the buyer takes possession.


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