Lake of Bays Lake


Lake of Bays lake is located in the northeastern part of the district of Muskoka, beside world-renowned Algonquin Park. The lake is renowned for its natural beauty, the bustling hamlets of Dorset, Baysville and Dwight, and endless year-round recreational opportunities. Lake of Bays lake is a premier, sought after destination for cottagers.  Lake of Bays lake boasts a surface area of 70.53 square kilometres, an average depth of 22.25 metres and a maximum depth of 70.10 metres  …. now that’s deep!

The township of Lake of Bays encompasses approximately 163,000 acres of land and contains 108 lakes, including beautiful Lake of Bays the second largest lake in the Muskoka region. Adjacent to world-famous Algonquin Park, Lake of Bays is a vast and spectacular lake with 563 kilometres of shoreline dotted with beautiful cottages and lakefront homes. This oasis of crystal clear water, granite outcroppings and sand beaches were named for the curves of its shorelines. Lake of Bays is a magnificent natural treasure. The villages of Dwight, Dorset, Baysville, Hillside and Oxtongue Lake collectively make up the charming destination of Lake of Bays, Muskoka.

If you were to follow the shoreline of Lake of Bays lake you would cover 106 miles. There are 25 islands in Lake of Bays lake. The largest of these islands is Bigwin Island. When Bigwin opened in June of 1920, it quickly became the resort of choice for socialites and the upper class. Fine dining and entertainment,  water sports and summer recreation all with the rugged beauty of  Lake of Bays, Muskoka as a backdrop. In the 1930’s Bigwin became a popular venue for performances of big bands including Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians. In the 1940’s, Bigwin Inn welcomed stars and celebrities, from famous Hollywood stars Clark Gable and Carole Lombard to such illustrious writers as Ernest Hemingway and H.G. Wells. It was a favourite haunt of the Rockefellers, Princess Juliana of the Netherlands stayed for a visit, and Canadian Prime Ministers including John Diefenbaker often summered there. Today Bigwin island is an exclusive equity membership club, known for its world-class championship golf course, fine dining and stunning cottages that ring the island.


Bigwin Island Golf Course


Lake of Bays lake is a deep, cold and clean lake with many amenities around the lake including lodges, resorts, galleries, gift shops, restaurants, a tennis club and sailing club. One of the most beautiful sand beaches to be found in all of Muskoka is in Dwight. A long beautiful stretch of beach and the iconic Dwight dock is a must for visits to the area.

Dwight Dock, Lake of Bays


Due to the size of the lake and the depth, Lake of Bays lake is known for its great fishing and boating. Lake of Bays is fished by cottagers, local residents and many visitors to the area. Lake trout and smallmouth bass are the main sport species and the lake has produced a number of trophy lake trout in excess of 20 pounds. Lake of Bays is also a sparkling, white wonderland for snowmobiling, ice fishing and winter sports.

Cruise on Lake of Bays aboard the majestically restored steamship built in 1910, The SS Bigwin. The SS Bigwin has carried historical guests such as Clark Gable, Louis Armstrong, Winston Churchill, and Greta Garbo.

The Bigwin Steamship


This area is a popular year-round destination ranked the best in the world by National Geographic Travel Magazine. There is plenty to do in Lake of Bays, but best of all just relax with family and friends and have fun at the cottage. Enjoy your happy place.

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