Listing the cottage? De-Clutter. Declutter, declutter, declutter!  Not only will it make your cottage seem more spacious and inviting to a potential buyer in person, the pictures of your cottage, which often give a potential buyer their first impression, will better show your cottage and entice buyers to book that showing!

Why declutter and stage? It is important to keep in mind that buyers want to be able to picture themselves at the cottage. Freshening and brightening bedrooms with the use of crisp, fresh, white linens, removing some of the chairs in the great room, adding a pop of colour with the use of bright bathroom hand towels, new throw cushions and fresh flowers, can have an immediate and lasting impression on a potential buyer.

According to the National Association of Realtors®, agents on both the buying and selling side agree that the great room, followed by the Master bedroom, and the kitchen are the most important rooms to stage. 40% of buyers agents say their clients are more willing to walk though and stay longer in a staged property.

When selling the cottage staging the waterfront is critical. This is after all, the “Main Stage”. The deck and dock should be in good repair and freshly painted. Muskoka Chairs in bright red or yellow look amazing against the blue water background. (The popular composite chairs are great as no trees are used in their manufacture and tons of plastic is reused in their manufacture, keeping it out of our landfill sites). Water toys should be neatly put away and the sand at the waterfront raked and looking clean and inviting. A lovely barrel overflowing with red geraniums or Boston ferns finishes the look of perfection at the waterfront.

Staging is only one factor in determining how fast and for how much the cottage will sell, Sellers should also consider what local factors affect a sale. Our team is happy to meet with Sellers to help determine what and where efforts need to be focused to make the best presentation when preparing to sell.

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