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Lake of Bays has miles of beautiful shoreline. Protecting this natural area is not only important to your view but also for the quality of our environment. Learn about efforts to protect this view for generations to come.

Ice Fishing on Lake of Bays

As I passed Dwight Beach on Lake of Bays  this morning, I noticed that the ice huts are starting to go up on the lake. Ice fishing on Lake of Bays, while very dependent on Mother Nature, seems to…

Winter Wonderland – Lake of Bays

Winter finally decided to visit Lake of Bays. Yesterday, I was at my office in Dwight when the snow started to fall - chunky, thick, heavy, white flakes.  By the time I left the office and started heading home on…

In Cottage Country – What is a Shore Road Allowance?

What is a Shore Road Allowance? A Shore Road Allowance (sometimes referred to as the original shore road allowance or SRA) runs parallel to the shoreline of most lakes and rivers. To the best of my knowledge they were put in place when the land was first surveyed. Originally being 66 feet…

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