Selling Your Muskoka Property in Winter

Selling Your Home or Cottage in the Winter?

In the past, popular opinion was that the ideal time to sell your home or cottage was spring or early summer, but buying a home happens throughout the year. Many buyers enjoy the many wonderful winter activities in Muskoka. Also, with limited inventory buyers know they need to move quickly with new properties coming to the market, regardless of the time of the year.  If Sellers have the option, they should sell based on market conditions, not temperature.

So, you have decided to take advantage of the market and sell in the winter.

Here are a few suggestions to prepare your home for sale in the winter season.

Make it easy for buyers to get into the house. Make sure the driveway is plowed, and easy for the buyers to access the driveway and park the car. A wide shovelled pathway to the door is a great first impression. Make sure the pathway is sanded if icy. If the cottage has a boathouse, make a safe, easy path to the boathouse. This is a must as buyers always want to see the boathouse interior.

Coming into a cold, damp home is a definite turn-off for buyers regardless of how nice your spot is. Buyers quickly hurry through and miss many of the wonderful features of the property. Turn up the heat to a comfortable level. Allow the buyers to feel comfy and relaxed as they are shown your property.


Declutter and remove your boots and coats to leave clear space for the buyer to leave their boots and gloves on the mat at the entranceway. The bonus is that the space will look bigger when you declutter and snowy boots removed at the doorway will keep your interior floors clean and dry.

Add a seasonal arrangement of cedars and winter florals to your front door. Welcome the buyers.


Showcase the exterior of your home. Winter curb appeal is just as important as summer. winter gives a great opportunity to highlight your front door and porch and say welcome to the prospective buyers.  When listing your home, remember curb appeal is very important. The first impression is often the lasting one.


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