6 Quick Tips When Opening the Cottage

Spring is here and it’s time to Open the Cottage. Let’s pack up the car and head north to the cottage. Now that the snow has finally melted and the road into the cottage is open, I can hardly wait to get to the cottage and get it open and ready for those approaching summer days. Here are 6 quick start tips to get a headstart on the great Canadian tradition of opening the cottage in the springtime.


Walk around the cottage carefully inspecting for signs of damage due to weather, pests and wildlife. Make a note of any repairs needed.


Cottage Opening



Open the windows and doors and let the breezes blow through, taking out any musty odours from the cottage. At the same time, check for any rips or tears that need to be replaced in window screens. If you have an AC system on your furnace, now is the time to check the filter and replace with a new one for the summer season.


Let the fresh air in



Get the water system turned on. Check the UV light and filtration system. Change out the filters and make sure the UV light is on and working.


Clean Pure Water



Remove all coverings on the fireplace opening and chimney. Open the flu and shine a flashlight up to make sure no nests or obstructions.  Collect a fresh supply of kindling and firewood and fill the wood box – ready to set the fire for the cooler nights of late spring.


Light the fire


Head outside and check the boards and railing on the decks, noting any boards that need to be repaired or replaced. Next head down to the dock and repeat – checking for loose or damaged dock boards from ice heave and weather.


Deck Boards


Take a stroll along the waterfront to see what washed up in the late fall or in the spring ice flow. You may find branches and twigs and I’ve even found a floating raft and a Muskoka chair that managed to get loose from their permanent home and float over to my cottage shoreline.


Check the shoreline


Now that you have your list of items needing repair or replacement, you can decide to tackle these jobs yourself or call a local handyman to get their help with the repairs. You’ve made a great start to welcoming summer at the lake. 





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