Staging a Cottage

Spring Lake

There are limitless tips in print, online and television on staging a cottage to attract buyers; make it spacious and inviting, minimizing everything, keep the feeling of warmth, apple pie in the oven. Unfortunately, for cottage owners, there is very little advice on what can be done to enhance the main attraction and main selling feature of our summer living space - the waterfront itself. After all, isn't the view from the dock breathtaking enough? How could it possibly be more appealing? Here are some tips that will give your cottage the 'Wow' factor:

  • Start inside. Make the most of the view by cleaning any windows in the house that face the water, and remove any lamps or decorations that may take away from the view.
  • Make your boathouse look brand new by cleaning it inside and out. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint, and if possible, remove over-sized boats before showing. A large boat will make the boathouse look smaller.
  • Replace rotting deck boards and freshen the exterior decks, boat house and cottage with fresh stain or paint
  • Cottage buyers are looking for privacy. A well vegetated shoreline is not only better for water quality, but it is a great selling feature
  • Organize flowerpots and outdoor furniture in a welcoming fashion. Create entertainment areas, set a table for an outdoor BBQ.
  • Professional landscaping of your lawn or waterfront area is huge! Your investment will pay dividends.
  • Ribbons are nice! Mark the lot lines. This helps the buyer immediately see the 'lay of the land'.
  • Remove any weeds or dead plants from along the shoreline, and follow up with raking. If your home tends to attract buyers who are retired or families with young children, leave out a couple kid-sized Muskoka chairs or water toys. Parents and grandparents will be able to envision their own little ones enjoying the waterfront with them.

Now, fingers crossed for beautiful weather. Your cottage is decluttered, windows are sparkling, lot lines are defined, your waterfront is neat and clean,  and we are ready to welcome the buyer!  Wasn't that easy - Staging a cottage was fun!

©2022 Jay Richardson