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Winning the Bidding Wars

When looking at ways to win the real estate bidding wars and achieve your dream spot, I recommend making your offer as clean as possible. First, see your offer as a Seller does? If you are the Seller would you look favourably at the offer you are submitting?  In a Seller’s Market such as the […]

Should I Sell My Cottage Now?

Supply & Demand Currently, we’re in a market that is based on supply and demand microeconomics. According to Wikipedia, this model states simply that in a competitive market, the price for a particular good will vary until it settles at a point where the quantity demanded will equal the quantity supplied resulting in an economic […]

Why list with the Richardson Team?

  Why List with Jay and the Richardson Team?     Do you drive up the highway and notice the agent billboards? Each suggests that they are  #1.  In this time of alternative facts and fake news, what exactly does number one mean? Here at the Richardson team, we don’t suggest facts that may be considered […]