10 Awesome New Homeowner Gift Ideas

You’ve been invited to friends to see their new digs.  You want to bring a new homeowner gift to let your friends know you care and share their happiness.  Here are 10 new homeowner gift ideas.



1. From a French tradition comes Charcuterie

The art of preparing and artfully assembling cured meats, cheeses, pieces of bread, olives, fruits, nuts and more. Your visit will be welcome when you arrive with a Charcuterie board filled with treats. The best part is that when everyone has enjoyed the cheese and meats, this useful board will be used time and again. This is a must for entertaining.

A personalized Welcome Mat


2. Roll out the welcome mat. 

A personalized mat at the front door says welcome while making sure muddy shoes don’t track through your lovely new home.

Metal Personalized sign welcome gift

3. A Personalized Metal Sign

Metal, powder coated and able to handle the Muskoka outdoors, a personalized sign is a thoughtful and welcome gift.

The Cottage Ownership Book4. Cottage Ownership Book

The Cottage Ownership Book has lots of tips and solid advice for the new cottage owner. Sure to be a welcome and a well-read bestseller for the new cottage owner.

Google Mini5. Hey Google

Every home needs smart devices and the Google mini is not only very affordable but it leaves a small footprint.  Turn off the smart lights, set the alarm, play music ….  a perfect smart home device.

Personalized Coasters

6. Personalized Coasters

A fun gift that is also practical. Coaters help protect surfaces from condensation while looking good. Lots of ways to personalize these – Family surnames and lake names are two popular ways to personalize.

Christmas Ornament for the tree

7. Christmas Tree Ornament

This ornament is perfect for a Christmas time visit. Add it to the collar of a great bottle of wine as a little extra.  Every Christmas the ornament will be lovingly hung on the tree bringing back sweet memories of their first Christmas in their home.


Roomba Vacuum

8. Shall we Dance

Let’s Rumba ..No! Not that Rumba! – this Roomba. You can dance after the floors are cleaned. Off you go, set your Roomba to automatically vacuum at a time you choose and when you return, the cat and dog hair has disappeared…This is a thoughtful new homeowner gift for those with pets and without a lot of time.

Silver Wine Stopper

9. Wine Stopper and Bottle Identifier

What’s fun, thoughtful and affordable?  A great bottle of wine with a fun wine stopper and bottle identifier. A very useful gift for the wine connoisseur.

Green Indoor Plant

10. Go Green

What home doesn’t need a little bit of greenery? Low-maintenance plants keep us healthy by cleaning the air. Green homes are in and this thoughtful living new homeowner gift is sure to please.



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